Del Rey – Ukulele Virtuoso

Del ReyJugband? Ragtime?  Hokum blues?  Who else could bring such a broad selection of great, and somewhat esoteric, genres to the West Coast Ukulele Retreat other than the inimitable Del Rey, just one of our featured instructors?

Del Rey has been playing the guitar since she was four years old, but about the time she was fourteen (and about the time the rest of us may have been trying to master “Stairway to Heaven,”) she began listening to Memphis Minnie and proceeded to soak up country blues, stride piano, classic jazz, and hillbilly boogie.  That made all the difference. When she picked up the ‘ukulele some thirty years later, Del Rey was already one of the greatest modern players of the metal-bodied resonator guitar in the world, and she soon figured out how to play the same kind of complicated rhythmic blues and ragtime she’d mastered on six strings,  on the ukulele, as well. In so doing, she took four strings to a whole new level of musicianship–a level she’ll be sharing with us at the 2015 West Coast Ukulele Retreat.

To top that off, Del Rey is also a conscientious, caring, and accomplished instructor who delivers a top-notch experience to her students every time.  In fact, she has so much to offer, it was a little difficult to whittle down what Del would be teaching at the retreat, but how does an “Ukulele Blues Party” sound, featuring blues and jugband songs for players of all levels?  Or, you could learn to finger pick some great old ragtime blues tunes by  Papa Charlie Jackson  or some tunes from the Memphis Jugband. And that is just the beginning!  She’ll be bringing us a couple of fiddle tune melodies, as well, and perhaps we can even talk her into her inspiring presentation of,  “Women in American Music.”

Here’s a little Memphis Minnie for you, to whet your appetite:

You can check out Del Rey right here on YouTube, or (if you haven’t done so already) you can register for the 2015 West Coast Ukulele Retreat and work with the real deal. Del Rey is an American original. You don’t want to miss this.

Del will be joined at the West Coast Ukulele Retreat by Kevin Carroll, Jim D’Ville, Dave Egan, Rick Turner, Daniel Ward and one or two more…..As of this writing we just have a few rooms left; so if you’re thinking of joining us, please don’t wait.  Here’s the link to register.

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