Chart your Path to Success!

We’ve just added yet another way for you to improve your skills at the

2016 West Coast Ukulele Retreat:

Chart your Path to Success with Gerald Ross

Gerald with UkeHave you ever wondered how professional musicians can perform an unknown piece of music and get it right the first time out?  Typically, they are handed a sheet of music and take a few quick glances at it.  The band leader counts off the song and the band members jump right in. Flawless. First time. Every time.

How do they do it?

They do it with a “standard” chord chart.  This is nothing like the ones you typically find in your ukulele club song book, but one that is written in a specific style that all professional musicians understand. And it is practically flawless.

Can a hobbyist musician do this? Yes. Do they need to spend years learning music theory and perfecting sight-reading skills to do it? No.  They just need to take this two-part class being offered by Gerald Ross at the 2016 West Coast ‘Ukulele Retreat, open to everyone, but geared specifically toward the folks who want to strut their stuff with the Flea by Night Band on Friday night.

On day one you will learn the universally agreed-upon standard for charting a tune and you’ll leave with a little homework: charting the tune you’ll be singing or playing with the band. On day two you’ll go over your tune with Gerald to make sure you got it right. And voila! You’ll have a song and a skill that will allow you to share your music with any musician anywhere in the world.

If you own a pencil and can count to four, you are more than ready for this class.  No music theory required.

Registration is basically closed for the retreat, but as far as we know, Asilomar still has rooms available and we can always make room for a few more and keep our class size to a minimum.

So, if you’d like to see how much fun you can have with your ukulele on, be sure to register soon.

Register Here

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