Meet Rick Zeek!

img_0566-683x1024I love the email I just received from Rick Zeek, outlining all the wonderful talent and energy he’s planning on bringing to this year’s West Coast ‘Ukulele Retreat!

I worked with Rick and saw him in action at Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay last summer and was so impressed with his generosity*, easy-going style, and commitment to excellence that I knew he’d be a great match. I already had Rick and Rhan Wilson pegged to lead our infamous Flash Mob and a Gospel Sing-along on Sunday morning, but Rick wanted to contribute even more:

“I am always available to lead songs. . . . .Not all instructors are happy about doing this part of a festival, but I don’t mind. . . . .I know how to lead and I know what is needed by the people being led. . . . . “

So yes, you asked for it, and now we can offer it….with someone who brings 24 years of experience with him! More song circles and opportunities for players of all levels to just relax, learn, sing, and play.  Thank you, Rick!

“I have been a stage manager and helped put together shows many times for ourselves as well as for others here in Santa Cruz.  I am well organized for this and would be able to help you throughout the weekend to keep things moving. . . . .”

Oh boy, not only will our evening shows have a more professional “look” (we’ve always had the “sound” covered), but Rick will also be available to work with anyone who wants to learn a little more “showmanship” before hitting the stage.

“As a singer/songwriter, “I always thought it would be interesting to lead a song writing workshop at an ukulele festival, though it would be at least two sessions and maybe more. . . . .It would be more of a “Taking The Mystery Out Of Songwriting” for those who have thought about writing a song but don’t think they could do it.”

I know there are quite a few of you are interested in exploring this……and I’m good with 3 sessions, if that’s what it’s going to take! Can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!

And last, but not least, Rick is ready to help you relax, laugh, and have some fun:

“. . . . .a friend and I have had some fun with some odd characters, acting and singing together in the shows we put on and a comedy show here in SC.  It was always half scripted and half improv.  These are always good skills in a group setting where people need to be motivated to step out a little and have fun.  I think if you make them laugh enough, it gets rid of some of their fear. And not thinking much helps a lot too.”

I think you’ll agree, Rick is going to be a great addition to an already stellar cast of fabulous instructors and that he brings something new, unique, and needed to our ‘ukulele party!

Registration is open and we are well on our way to being full.  So, please don’t wait a minute more…..sign up today for:

“The Most Fun You Can Have with Your ‘Ukulele On!”

*I use the term “generosity” often when describing our staff, but I wonder how many of you know what I mean by that.  To me an instructor or staff member who displays generosity is one who is willing to let go of his or her own ego to make sure that you, the student, get the most possible out of the experience. It’s important that that spirit of generosity extends to the other staff members and instructors, as well, and that’s what makes for a great experience for everyone!

~ by UkuleleLady on December 5, 2016.

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