It’s All About That Ukulele Bass!

With just a few rooms left at Asilomar for the 7th annual West Coast ‘Ukulele Retreat, May 17 – 21,  we thought we would introduce to you, the newest member of the staff,  a guy who just knocked our socks off in Santa Fe a year ago at the New Uke-Culinary Fiesta: Craig McClelland!


Now it’s a party!

Craig is a professional musician (bass, guitar, ukulele, and tuba) and instructor with over 30 years’ experience (and a couple of degrees in music to back him up!) Plus he has a lovely, relaxed, and informative teaching style that earns top honors from his students.

Among other things, Craig will diving into bass skills for those who want to go beyond the “introductions” and the “basics,” teaching how to:

Be the “heartbeat” and tonal foundation of your ukulele ensemble by learning to follow  a simple chord chart or lead sheet as found in the songbooks of most ukulele clubs and ensembles

Follow an easy chord progression using “root” tones

Play the common I-IV-V chord change

Transpose I-IV-V patterns into any key

Play basic grooves and patterns that are common to many tunes

And learn some simple “walk-ups” to use between chord changes.

But wait!  There’s more! Craig also has extensive experience in live theater (both on and behind the stage and in the orchestra pit) and has been a member of numerous bands playing any number of instruments, sometimes more than one at a time. Past attendees know what that means:  Nothing but fun, fun, fun at our evening events!

Craig joins an already stellar cast–Gerald Ross, Phil Doleman, Jim D’Ville, Dave Egan, Rhan Wilson, and Rick Zeek–in what promises to be the best of the West Coast, yet.

Registration is open and Asilomar still has a few rooms left, ear-marked especially for us. But they won’t last long.

If you haven’t come to Asilomar before…..maybe this should be the year! We’d love to have you join us.

Register Now!

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