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jifkogfiddjpfbbkThe best way to assess the teaching ability of any instructor is to actually attend some of their classes, which is exactly what I did a few weeks ago when I went to Kevin Carroll’s week-end workshop in Austin, Texas.  Wow!  It just confirmed everything Kevin’s students (and James Hill) had been telling me all along: he is one of the best.  So, when faced with the lovely prospect of whom I should add to the staff of the 2017 West Coast ‘Ukulele Retreat at Asilomar, there really wasn’t much debate.  And when Kevin told me what he wanted to teach, I knew he was absolutely the right choice.

Let’s start with what Kevin will be teaching on the optional “extra” day (May 16/17) we added before the retreat starts in earnest on the evening of Wednesday, May 17: Making Music, a 3-hour master class for students of all levels on musicality, listening, ensemble and solo skills, imagination, practice, and expression.

And if you can’t make it for the extra day, you can join Kevin for either of the 3-day classes he will be teaching at the retreat:

Jazz Band, an in-depth exploration of the mellow, laid-back and sparse melody of Moonlight in Vermont and the bluesy classic Bag’s Groove, made famous by Miles Davis, among others. (For intermediate and advanced students.)

Uke-stra, an opportunity to play with an ensemble and develop solid time, good tone and accuracy, while learning to listen, read notes, and learn the beauty classical music on the good timing. (For students who just have a few chords under their belts through intermediate-level players.)

And for something a little less intense than a 3-day experience, retreat attendees will have an opportunity to take one of Kevin’s individual workshops:  4 Strings/4 Voices, for players who have always wanted to harmonize with a group but weren’t sure which notes to sing. And he’ll be be teaching For Teachers Only, an introductory class to the art and business of teaching ukulele.

And, don’t forget, Kevin is just one of nine ukulele professionals who will be available during the retreat to cater to your every ‘ukulele whim and desire.

If you haven’t already signed up and would like to join us, we still have a few spots left, but rooms at Asilomar are increasingly in short supply so don’t wait.  Register today.

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