It’s All About That Bass………..Uke Bass, that is.

Do you want to be a hero at your next jam session?

Then you should think about taking some classes and workshops from Lynn Shipley Sokolow, at the West Coast ‘Ukulele Retreat, May 2 – 6.  There’s no better way to help make all those ukes you jam with sound so much better than they already do!

And, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more talented, experienced, and congenial bass teacher than Lynn and we are delighted bring her back as a member of our top-notch staff.  In addition to being available for any and all attendees needing bass accompaniment, Lynn will be our resident bass instructor and has loaded up our teaching schedule with some excellent workshops.

In the multi-part Bass-ics Workshop, specifically for ukulele bass players, you’ll learn some easy-to-play bass moves (starting with the basic root-fifth accompaniment) that can be applied to countless tunes. Add some simple bass runs, chord arpeggios, and walking bass lines. . . . .and as a bass player, you’ll soon be in high demand!

With the multi-day format of Bass-ics, you’ll also have a chance to practice what you learned and apply it to a variety of songs before taking the next steps: making your walking bass lines a little fancier; focusing on movable, up-the neck patterns; and cover-playing in any key.

And for those who just want to check it out, we do have ukulele basses available to borrow, courtesy of Ohana Ukuleles.

If you’re serious about playing bass, or already have the bass-ics under your belt, you might want to explore Rhythm Grooves for Uke Bass Players with Lynn. In this workshop you’ll learn a whole slew of rhythm grooves in popular music: the shuffle beat; rock beat; waltz; rock ballad; R&B; and more. You’ll learn two bass patterns for each, using popular songs from different genres as examples. By the time the class is over, you should be able to apply these groove patterns to countless tunes.

And what can add more to a tune than a memorable bass riff, the driving force behind many popular tunes? In Five Easy Bass Riffs, Lynn will walk you through at least five well-known tunes and teach you their bass patterns. Besides learning some great tunes and riffs, you’ll see how much the bass can enhance a song and be well on your way to jam session hero status.

There’ll be lots of hand-outs to help you along and there really is no one more approachable than Lynn if you have questions or need a little extra help. All in all, learning to play the ukulele bass with Lynn will be no treble at all!

Lynn is just one of a stellar team we have assembled for this year’s retreat, including Kevin Carroll, Phil Doleman, Jim D’Ville, Dave Egan, Nancy Piver, Fred Sokolow, Rhan Wilson, and Rick Zeek.  As you can see, we have an extremely high instructor-to-student ratio so students and attendees are never left in the dust.

Registration is now open * and we’d love to have you join us!  But, if you can’t make this one, you should check out some of our other Adventures for you and your ‘ukulele!

*PLEASE NOTE: Walk-in Registration is not yet open.  If you do not plan to stay at Asilomar, please wait until we have opened registration for walk-in guests. (There will be an additional fee to cover the cost of meals and other expenses included in your Asilomar charges.)

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