Kevin Carroll Raises the Bar, Again!

If there was any doubt that Kevin Carroll is simply one of the most talented, creative, and dedicated ukulele instructors around, the following list of brand-new classes and workshops, developed specifically with the 2018 West Coast ‘Ukulele Retreat, May 2 – 6, in mind, should cast all those doubts to the wind!  Again, Kevin is  bringing us some unique genres (take a load of “Gypsy Jazz” for more advanced players) and fun ukestrations (for players of all skill levels)….so everyone will get a chance to play with. . . . . and learn from. . . . .Kevin.

Three-day Classes

Ukestra:  I Dream of Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair 

This differentiated ukulele orchestra (“Ukestra,” for short) will explore Stephen Foster’s classic tune,  inspired by his estranged wife, in High-G, Low-G, and Bass. This style of learning to play ‘ukulele will provide many organic, “teachable” moments as the class digs more deeply into the nuance, detail, and essence of ensemble playing. Beginners should not be afraid, there are important parts for you to play.  And advanced players should not be concerned that this will be “too easy.” There are challenges aplenty for the more experienced among you. Beginner-Advanced. 

Gypsy Jazz Rhythms, Chords, and Melodies

Patrons of the smoky Parisian nightclubs in the 1920’s swooned to the rhythms and melodies of this unique approach to American Jazz standards. We will have a No Smoking policy in place. But that won’t stop ordsus from mastering new skills that will leave our fretboards smoldering. This 3-day offering will explore the Manouche guitar style pioneered by the incomparable Django Reinhardt with tunes such as  “Minor Swing,” “Nuages,” and “Dark Eyes,” some of  the most famous songs in this style. Intermediate and Advanced.

Individual Workshops

Fingerstyle International: Japanese & African Sounds

In this brand new workshop players of all skill levels will have the opportunity to play differentiated finger-style arrangements based on the Japanese Koto and on the work of West African legend Ali Farka Tourè. Not only that, this class is also high-G AND low-G friendly. Beginner-Advanced.

Improvising Over Chords

Get ready to add some new tools to your improvisation tool kit. American jazz guitarist and composer Pat Metheny has said,  “I always encourage people to be able to improvise just using the chord tones themselves…just the 3, 4 or 5 notes of basic harmony suggested by the actual chord.” In this workshop you will learn just that, how to create compelling, improvised lines. . . . .not from scales, but from the very chords of the song. Intermediate-Advanced.

If you are already registered for this year’s West Coast ‘Ukulele Retreat, don’t worry about a thing.  You’ll have plenty of opportunity at Asilomar on the famed Monterey Peninsula  to learn from Kevin and the rest of our incomparable staff: Dave Egan, Phil Doleman, Fred Sokolow, Lynn Shipley-Sokolow, Jim D’Ville, Rhan Wilson, and Rick Zeek.

But if you haven’t registered yet, this would be a good time to take the plunge.  We still have space and  Asilomar still has rooms available, so you don’t have take a chance on missing one minute of “the most fun you can have with your ukulele on!”

Hope you can join us!


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