Dave Egan’s 2016 Recording Studio

When we decided to add Dave Egan’s Recording Studio as  an option for students at the 2016 West Coast Ukulele Retreat, we had no idea we were going to end up with this!

So sit back, kick your shoes off, and have a little listen to what the attendees (and Dave) were able to accomplish in three short “lessons.”

I Will (Corey)

Raised by the Railroad Line (The Old Broads)

How’s It Going to End (Ken)

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Bill)

One Hundred Years from Today (Clay & Linda)

In Honolulu (Cindy)

Locker Notes (Lara)

Seasons in the Sun (Susanna)

Somebody’s Knockin’ (Karen)

Summertime (Mike)

Things Are Going My Way (Yael)

You Belong to Me (Alan & Christine)

Make Me a Pallet (The Old Broads)

I’ll See You in My Dreams (Corey)

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